France 2007

Côte d'Azur.

New Leamington House

Our new house in Leamington Spa (2006).

Corfu 2006

Our holiday to Corfu - summer 2006.

Legoland 2006

Visit to Legoland...


Different cakes we baked over the time.

Crete 2004

Still pictures taken with camcorder during our holiday on Crete - summer 2004.

David as a baby (2003-2004)

Pictures of David as a baby.

New House (Coventry)

Our "new" house - first house we bought in Coventry, 2001.

Andrea and Natasha

Some pictures of Andrea and her mother (2001).

Andrea (2001)

Pictures of Andrea as a baby.

London 2001

Our first, proper, touristic visit to London.

Arrival to UK

Couple of pictures of apartment building we lived first 11 month in Coventry, bit of Stonehenge, etc...

Some old pictures

Some really old pictures from our "student" days.