R/C model helicopters

Something about R/C model helicopters


That is something I would like to acheive (lol). Crazy goal in life. Even half of it would do... No... Even trying to get there is fun :)

26th of January, 2008 - Painted canopy

Like a kid when being given paints: yellow on the top with fluorescent on the bottom plus chrome effect for the "glass". And it goes very nicely with the carbon blades...

There are no films for a while now and in the meantime I finally learned to fly freely at the altitude of 2-3 meters (July-August), then much further in the field and much higher and faster along with the "proper" nose-in and first stall turns (September-October), loops (!!!) (November-December) and even to hold it inverted for couple of seconds (up to 10 at one moment!) near the end of 2007... Now I am more or less comfortable in all orientations (right side up) and will try to steady inverted and bring it bit lower (from 10-20 meters high up the sky)... Also, I did try tic-toc and almost did side flips as well (back flips are pretty easy ;) ...

16th of January, 2008 - Expensive helipad

There goes my hope that I will see T-Rex 600 Nitro soon...

24th of June, 2007 - Just playing around

Just fooling around - got tired of endless hovering on 90deg nose left and 100-110deg nose right.

23th of June, 2007 - New toy

It was long time I have posted anything here - was busy with my new toy: Mini Titan...


Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325
Feathering servos: HS56HB x 3
Tail servo: Futaba 9650
Gyro: Futaba GY401
Motor: Aligh 430L 3550KV
ESC: Align 35A
Received: Spectrum AR7000
Transmitter: Spectrum DX7
Batteries: 2xHextronic 2200mAh 20-35C, 2xXtreme Power 2200mAh 18C

11th of March, 2007 - Nice...

This is my "upgraded" Walkera 22E with brushless motor and Walkera #60's CNC head and rotors. Tail is just a bit extended (thanks to Sasa) for tail rotor not to clash with longer Walkera#60's blades. There is a problem with vibrations (big main gear is not alighed and who knows what else might be a problem) - but grass dampens them a bit O:-).

Anyway - it smoothly floats to the air unlike with original head. It flies really nicely (I am sure - would have flown for someone who would know how - unlike me - LOL)... There will be more to come :)

18th of February, 2007 - Look Ma, no hands!

Sunday again. New brushless motor - fully charged LiPo, no wind. After couple of flights yesterday and today, I've decided to try to take off the lawn directly (where grass wasn't too long and from a little bump so tail rotor do not touch the ground). After mastered that I've tried something even braver - to take the training gears off and take off my launch pad (piece of cardboard) and land with my rotors in one piece. After that this was the last step - take off directly from my little bump with no training gears...

4th of February, 2007 - Nice and steady

Nice Sunday morning. Weights on the flybar, controls tamed a bit by moving links on servos closer to the centre gave really easy to fly Walkera. Almost landed it perfectly on the spot after hovering at 30-50cm above ground. It got slightly out of control near the end by decending on the wrong spot. Finish is not the perfect by tail swinging to one direction. All in all easy hovering by tamed down heli...

14th of January, 2007 - Finally in the air

This is my first, proper, flight! I have managed to take it in to the air, keep it there, and not crash it back to the ground. I've managed to hover roughly 50cm (and more) above the ground and keep it in the area (let's say LARGE area). I didn't have to drop it on the ground because it was drifting too quickly to the fence, tree or myself. Tail stayed towards me and I managed to keep it off bouncing of the ground (compensating it with the throttle). Also, settings were like PLT almost to the end (to make it less sensitive) while PIT gave enought angle for nice flight (beat me - I have no idea what were real angles O:).